Magic Jack VoIP Phone

Magic Jack is one of the new voip phone services that you use with your computer and high-speed internet connection to make unlimited long distance phone calls.  It’s great as long as everything is working as it should.  But what if you are having problems with Magic Jack? Sometimes it works just fine at first then after a month or 6 weeks problems begin to develop.  The softphone screen begins to disappear or not load at all.  Or it disappears and keeps reloading and going away again.  The computer it is hooked up to will start freezing up, sometimes to the point where you cannot use it at all unless you unplug the Magic Jack. 

 I had all of these happen to me and after trying a few things and finally unplugging it in disgust, I tried plugging it into an external a/c powered usb hub and then everything worked perfectly again.  That was an easy fix for me.  It does conflict with the sound for my printer, but to me this isn’t a big deal because I don’t care if I hear a computerized voice telling me that the printing is complete.  But what if it conflicts with other programs?  This is something that does occur quite often.  No two computers are alike once they are used for a while by their owner.  You’ll find some answers here to your problems with Magic Jack…and many times it is not the device, it is the conflict with your computer.

Is Magic Jack Better than other Voip Phones?

This depends on what you want in a voip phone.  if it is to lower your bill for your long distance calls, it works very well for that.  You do have to leave your computer on to use it, so you may not like doing that.  If you want to replace your landline telephone service I wouldn’t recommend doing it with Magic Jack.  Perhaps at some time in the future it will be stable enough to use for that, but I don’t think it’s there yet. 

Skype is another voip phone service that you need to use with your computer.  If you are more interested in chat and video chat, Skype works very well for that.  You can also make international calls with Skype for a low cents-per-minute charge.  If you do want to replace your local phone company, Vonage would be the best bet for you.  It has all the features that you would want and you do not have to leave your computer on to use it, it connects directly to your high speed internet.  Magic Jack/Skype/Vonage Feature Comparison Chart.

Does Magic Jack Download Software on my Computer?

Yes, it will download software that installs a Softphone Screen that will also be on your computer’s desktop.  You will be able to minimize it as well as make it larger or smaller.  The softphone screen will also display messages or advertisements on the left area.  When updates are available it will also alert you to that.  It has a phone book that will store your phone numbers for you along with a list of your recent calls so that you can easily add them to your contacts if you want to.  Voice Mail may also be accessed by clicking a button on the softphone screen. 

It also has a button for 411 or information, but it’s pretty lame as all it does it open up your browser to take you to a website to look up phone numbers.  When you are registering your Magic Jack, it will ask you for a physical address.  This is in case of emergency and you dial 911 using your Magic Jack.  911 is the best reason to also keep a landline phone if you ever need to use it.  I suggest having a landline phone available that does not need electricity to work. 

Any number you call may be either dialed from the key pad on the softphone screen or by dialing the phone you are using.  If you’re calling someone that is in your address book, you’ll only have to click their name and then the green send button to make the call.  Hanging up is a easy as hanging up the phone or you can click the red end button. Here is a picture of the screen:

Magic Jack Softphone Screen

As you can see, there are other buttons to click like for Yahoo, Google, AOL and the weather.  These buttons just take you to the home pages of these sites.

More Questions About Magic Jack?

There are always more questions about this new product.  Don’t be shy, jump in and ask a question in the comments section of any of the posts and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.  That’s why I created this web site, for people like you and me that need answers when it’s not working right and you need to make phone calls.  We’ve got lots of discussion going on in all facets of using this voip phone service: how to solve problems using magic jack, how to install, softphone screen, using it for travel, on macs and a lot of information.

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