How To Install Your Magic Jack Voip Phone

When you receive your Magic Jack you’ll be able to install it and start making free long distance phone calls. The Magic Jack setup takes just a matter of minutes. Here’s a walk-through on how to install this voip phone so that you will know what to expect. After ordering your Magic Jack voip phone, you should receive it in the mail within a few days. I ordered mine on a Sunday, it was shipped the next day (Monday) and I received it on Thursday. That was pretty fast, considering I live on the other side of the country from where it was shipped from. Here is what you will receive in the mail and it’s packaging looks like. It contains the Magic Jack USB device and a USB extension cord in case it will be too tight a fit to plug the device directly into your USB port. The device measures approximately 2-1/2 inches long (not including the USB plug), 1-3/8 inches wide, and 3/8 of an inch thick. The cord is about 4-1/4 inches long, not including the plugs at each end. magic jack device & packaging magic jack device magic jack device with phone cord All you need to do is plug the USB device into the USB port in your computer. This is probably the hardest part of the whole installation, and it isn’t difficult at all. Just make sure the device is plugged directly (with or without the USB extension cord) into a USB port on your computer. Don’t use a multi-port USB hub unless it is AC powered, as your Magic Jack will not work. magic jack plugged into back of computer That’s about it…just need to plug your phone cord into the device and wait for Magic Jack to do it’s magic. It will take a minute or two to load and download the software to make it work with your computer. You’ll first see a picture of the device, several little messages will display across it to keep you from getting bored. Then you’ll see a square screen that tells you it’s loading, then the “softphone” screen which will reside on your desktop. You can minimize the softphone screen when you’re not using your internet phone for calling. magic jack loading magic jack loading more Here is a photo of the Softphone Screen. You can either use it to dial a number, or use any phone that you have connected to your Magic Jack. The softphone will keep a record of the phone numbers that you dial and also the numbers that you receive calls from. You can delete these if you wish. I keep the numbers in my softphone that I most frequently dial, even though I use my “hard” telephone, it keeps the numbers handy for me. You can also pick up the receiver to your phone, click on a number stored in your softphone to dial, click Send and it dials it for you. Click End and it hangs up. It also has a Redial button, Voice Mail, and 411. Clicking the 411 button just takes you to a web site where you can look up phone numbers free. magic jack softphone screen The Softphone screen has several features to it besides saving telephone numbers. The rectangle on the left will change with different messages, including how to set up your Voice Mail. I’ve heard rumors that this screen will also contain paid advertising in the future, but ok with me, as long as I’m not forced to look at it and it keeps the price of my long distance calls at 20 bucks a year. The softphone screen also has links to Google, Yahoo, AOL and the web sites. If you have any questions about the Magic Jack voip phone installation or the softphone screen that I haven’t answered in this article, please ask it in the comments below…many people visit this site and may be able to answer your  question for you.

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152 Responses to “How To Install Your Magic Jack Voip Phone”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I did just as you said and it did nothing. What now?

  2. gary poole Says:

    i got a new pc and now my magic jack won’t work. what can i do? thanks!

  3. admin Says:


    Is your magic jack plugged in directly to a usb port on your computer? If not, try using an a/c powered usb hub.


  4. Melinda Says:

    I installed magic jack used it and realy liked it but I now have a problem my computer crashed and now magic jack wo’nt reinstall its self and yes its plugged into a usb 2.o port…. plz help or I’ll be contacting my attorney on this matter

  5. admin Says:

    Try contacting the customer service as the official MagicJack website:

    Sometimes they aren’t very helpful, other times they are.

    And..would you really contact an attorney over $40 spent? Cost you more for the attorney to answer the phone!

  6. simon Says:

    my magic jack was originally installed under
    someone else’s name and addressinthe U S. I live in another country, and Im having problems getting the jack to work properly. I did the recommended installation, but no luck. Can u help me?

  7. admin Says:


    What kinds of problems are you having with the magic jack?

  8. james Says:

    i am thing of buying the magic jack the question i have is can i hook up more than one phone and can i hook up the direct tv to get the updates and purchase movies

  9. Bing Says:

    Is internet connection needed for magic jack? I don’t have Internet access but I have a magic jack….

  10. Keith Says:

    My mom just purchased magic jack but she wants it to work on all the phones in the house. Please send info on how to do this if possible. Thanks

  11. teleskopy astronomiczne Says:

    Very nice blog, your article is interesting, i have bookmarked it for future referrence

  12. ben Says:

    Does the majic jack have to remain plugged into a USB port with the PC powered on for calls to be made?

  13. megan Says:

    the magic jack is already installed yet i’m having difficulty.. can you please give or show us a step by step procedure on installing the magic jack.. i think pictures are hard to follow. maybe a video will do. thanks

  14. Linda Sullivan Says:

    Newer computer, no more dial tone!!!

  15. nick Says:

    I installed my magicjack and i can make outgoing calls, but the problem is that it won’t receive any calls could you please help on this one.
    Thank you.

  16. sean Says:

    I too would like to buy one but want to hook up my Dish Network so I can get the updates. How do I accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any help.

  17. Barb Says:

    I have a land line now that magic jack is replacing, will I get a new number, or will I have the same one as now. I would like to get a new number. Do you know about that?

  18. EUGENE Says:


  19. Elayne Greenberg Says:

    On Magic Jack’s web site (updated last year) they say SOON we will be able to use our present home phone number when setting up Majic Jack. When do you think SOON will be?

  20. joseph peters Says:

    i hook every up by the book they did not give me a phone no for me and it does not work

  21. Nuha ghanem Says:

    do we have to enter or email and password to make magik jack work

  22. Curt Says:

    I recieved my MJ and it works well. The only problem I’m having is I can’t figure out how to get the caller ID, clear the calls list, and set up the contacts list. Can anyone help with this?

  23. mahmoud Says:

    how i can by magic card and what call raet from ksa to bangladesh

  24. mahmoud Says:

    i use pc to phon

  25. Dinesh Prasad Panth Says:

    Dear Mam,

    I am now having a unique problem with the magic jack as my computer recognizes it as floppy disk or CD drive and shows another extra drive.

    If I connect the magic jack while booting the whole computer freezes.

    I would be really grateful if you could solve my problem.

    Sincerely Yours

    Dinesh Prasad Panth

  26. kurimaw Says:

    i cant use my magic jack. the problem says magic jack cannot access the internet? pls help.



  28. Jorge Aparicio Says:

    My MJ works fine at home. If I leave the country and I need to call to the USA does the MJ will work if I call to the USA?

  29. suraijrousdeen Says:

    my majic jack phone number is 0016463506208 is not working if i connect to the computer message coming “waning you must plug majic jack in to USB” please help thz prablem

    what can i want do?

  30. daniel andola Says:

    i istaled magig jack phone and i registered but myphone is not working what is the problme

  31. mae Says:

    i don’t know why, i just followed your procedures but nothing happened, it totally didn’t work :/

  32. Theresa Williams Says:

    The magic jack is in the blue; I get a dail tone; I make a call & it make a soft like the call is going through; but it doesn’t ring or go through; pluse I do not have a phone number; yes I need help on this end; four live persons tried to help me yesterday; and still no results. Please help me.

  33. Theresa Williams Says:

    Yes it makes a sound not(soft)like it is going through; but doesn’t ring or go through.

  34. hilary Says:

    I just plugged everything in and the software was installing, but then a screen popped up, telling me to renew my subscription…I typed in my e-mail address and password, click next, and nothing happens..

  35. Bobby Phillippe Says:

    I can’t get my magicjack to connect

  36. lakshmirswamy Says:

    magic jack installer

  37. Monne Says:

    can work magicjack only with pc ..because My magic jack write ..Magicjack cannot acess the ineternet ..where is the problem ??

    Plz Admin tell me

  38. nabil alnashar Says:


  39. Elsa Says:

    where do i find my number

  40. kathy Says:

    hey what will i do? after i try to install my magic jack theres a message that appears “magicjack upgrade component set up:the installer detected another running instance of itself and is waiting for it to complete. please take a look at it, it may require your attention.” what will i do.. thankyou

  41. jim Says:

    plugged in magicjack and blue light is on and have dial tone but calls wont go do i register?

  42. Lowell Childs Says:

    It does not work

  43. Janelle Gamble Says:

    I am in Thailand. Can I make this work here for local and long distance calls.

  44. Adeponu Atsu Says:

    I tried to install my magic jack but fail many times. Though Im using window 7, the magic jack will not install.

  45. B Says:

    Magic Jack use to be great but now you cant call all numbers anymore. Some internet providers block access and you can only call certain areas…..Charter Cable in SC blocks it so dont expect to call anywhere in that area anymore.

  46. opeyemi Says:

    i have just bought my magicjack, when ever i try to install it on my system am always ask of username and password, pls i do i get the username and password

  47. burton swenson Says:

    i tried to install my magicjack and i get a sign that says instalation failed

  48. Foster Poupore Says:

    Can i use Majic Jack on a fax machine? If so, how do I hook up? I have one hard line coming into house.

    Thank you
    Foster p.

  49. darryll almazar Says:

    may magic jack wel not recieve calls and not well not connect to the internet…what will i do?

  50. Kris Says:

    Tried to install this on a brand new computer. Will not work, even with powered USB. Garbage, returning it tomorrow. Waste of my money for sure.

  51. Crystal Says:

    I recently received a magicjack usb port form my friend. He used it for like maybe 4 months then gave it to me … I plugged it straight into my computer and got the magic jack icon and then nothing. So how do I install the magic jack if it dont automatically install itself? Also, can I use my own phone for the magic jack?

  52. margaret Says:

    how do you clear the phone list when it gets full. when there are numerous numbers and you want to cancel them?

  53. rose Says:

    my computer crashed and the magic jack did not close properly. Now it won’t work. Says it can detect another version of itself running. is there a fix for this?

  54. luis recharte Says:

    I acidentaly unplug my magig jack and now it doesent work what should i do

  55. Marilyn Williams Says:

    what will i do? after i try to install my magic jack theres a message that appears “magicjack upgrade component set up:the installer detected another running instance of itself and is waiting for it to complete. please take a look at it, it may require your attention.” what will i do.. thankyou
    jim Says:

  56. stavros Says:

    does magic jack work in europe?

  57. devendra ojha Says:

    Please clarify how the telephone shall be in loop once the telephone jack is already connected to magic jack. You please must give the network connection outline.

  58. MANOHAR Says:

    magic jack is not working can you tell me installation problem

  59. Terry Says:

    Is there a number that i can call to talk with some one a human and not a recording, computer and so on. you want me to buy your product but i have some simple questions and i just can not find a number. Please remember the only reason you have a job is because of your customers, with out us you will be in the unemployment line like many others

  60. earlene roberts Says:

    i have amagicjack i had to get a other pc and now iwant oto down load it on this one all i want to put it on this one;

  61. John Haldi Says:

    Just got the Magicjack and I get dial tone and sometimes nothing I asked for home phone Number and got some long # What am I doing wrong it pluged in and worked for all of five minutes.Please let me know thankyou

  62. Alberto Baster Says:

    reintal my magic jack

  63. venessa Says:

    my mom bough a magicjak and gave it to me but is asking me for a credit card number and to pay a plan a year or 5 years why if it was new when she gave it to me…

  64. Luis Says:

    I am dialing all the numbers I know in IUS using 001 and none of the calls get picked up…

  65. Roma Says:

    Hi I’m trying to get MagicJack to work on my new laptop(already had it up n running on my previous one). It detects Magicjack when i plug it in, but keeps asking me to format my G: drive to continue. My system warns me if i format the drive i will lose all data! Please help!

  66. kristi busha Says:

    i paid 39.95 for my magic jack which included the 1st years bill. i can not get it to install. i have plugged it into the usb port and it pops up warning plug into a usb port. i have tried every one on my computer. what i’m suppose to do?

  67. marvin Says:

    I can!t get magicjack to installed it will not tack off what going on my internet works just fine what can I do I like magicjack been about 5years now I need help window xp home, norton ,

  68. veronica Says:

    I bought my Magic Jack from Amazon used. I installed it but I assume it is registered to the former user. How can I create my own account???

    Thank you

  69. kyle Says:

    i cannot install the magicjack on my computer what i will do

  70. masood qazi Says:

    I just purchased a new magicJack device but I lost all my contacts in the MJ contacts box. Also I do not have the emergency number 911. please help to install the new device properly or register properly. Thanks.

  71. ron Trani Says:

    I am not knowledgable concerning electronics. I can mess any project just by looking at it. I have discontinued Vonage. I will use the same tele. number 909-748-1976. I would also like to be hooked up to my computer as well as phone.

  72. ron Trani Says:

    where do i put in my number at

  73. James Houston Says:

    I am tyrying to install MJ on another computer. Laptop crashed and and trying to install on desktop. MJ phone
    number is: 760-666-1442. Acct # is: 0A921050206CF85.

    Need help ASAP.


  74. pearl Says:

    Majic jack will not receive calls when calls are placed the other party do not hear been through with the help line for over 6 hours with different, changed all sort of settings still is not working

  75. susie kate Says:

    i did what you said on ur instructions but it did nothing.i cant install my magic jack.what should i do?

  76. Joe Says:

    I am residing in Korea and want to purchase a magic jack to call the states. In order to have my device have a US Phone number does it have to be set up in the states before I have it sent to me? Will that number be bound to the Magic Jack or the computer that set it up?

  77. Divine Says:

    i install my magickjack and try to call but why i cant hear anything and i didnt receive messege that says i will register…so please tell me how to register

  78. Raul guerrero Says:

    thank for jelping me

  79. roland Says:

    how to download magicjack???

  80. Edwin Lawlor Says:

    We had a Magic Jack that we bought and we were using it to contact our family and friends. Our phone number was 587 333 5194. On Aug.18th it was stolen.I have another Magic Jack that I’m trying to use. Can I use my same phone number and pass word? I’m having trouble trying to get it to work. Will you please let me know how to install it here? Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Edwin Lawlor

  81. Crystal Bosman Says:

    Do I need a credit card to set my magic jack up? Can I use paypal or anything else for billing besides credit card?

  82. hector Says:

    mi magicjack esta bloquiado no sale nada en mi pantalla

  83. stephen troost Says:

    how can i keep my current house phonewith my new magic jack?

  84. jorge tapia Says:

    i can not get into my magic jack, what should i do, it is blocked

  85. Gordon Says:

    Hi, I am interested in MagicJack …. but I am concerned as to whether it will work with wireless internet .. I have a USB adapter. Thanks !

  86. rosemary clark Says:

    the wrong telephone number has been attached to my majic jack phone. how can i get the wrong number replaced with the correct number? PLEASE HELP. DESPARATE IN OHIO.

  87. James Says:

    It was promoted that Majic Jack would alllow you to use your same phone number or get a new one. How do I go about setting the MJ up so that I can use my present phone number? I am a bit confused about the numbers being offered for the area code and location that I am trying to set up. Is there more to the settings that I might be missing? I would appreciate your reply as soon as you can, thank you….!

  88. Candy Says:

    My magic jack is not working propertly. When I call or someone calls me I can not hear them. They can hear me fine. It only works one way. How can I fix it? I have tried several suggestion and so far no success. Help

  89. roxanne Says:

    my majicjack is giveing me some problems when u dial a number the screen getd white that the mj screen can u please help me

  90. roxanne Says:

    my majicjack is giveing me some problems when u dial a number the screen get white that the mj screen can u please help me

  91. genivy Says:

    i already installed my magic jack when someone call me i cant hear them, but i can hear clearly their voice.please help me to this problem. thank you..

  92. Diana Fortuna Says:

    I have magijack since may, 2008 but since last year i start have a lot of problem with the web side month by month without phone going or cming call. 215-559-5853 start with better service but now is bad.

  93. Maurice Nguyen Says:

    Hi, im living in Australia and been told about the Magicjack that can make call around the world and free. Im really interesting but can somebody please tell me more about it, also i only have internet and cell phone, no home phone. Does it work ?
    Thank you

  94. ebraheem7128 Says:

    thank u

  95. sue hagood Says:

    can I keep my home phone number with this /

  96. noelnebriaga Says:

    i cannot connect and call my sister with this no. 509 248 2816 i need help thanks

  97. Norman Kirk Says:

    I now have Magic Jack Plus. When I plug it into my computer it make the recognise dong sound, but nothing comes on my screen.

  98. vi Says:

    1. calls using magic jack runs through internet, so definitely, anyone using magic jack needs internet connection. You need to always turn on your PC and make sure it has a net connection for the Magic jack to work.
    2. If MJ (magic jack) says no internet connection, it only means to say that your PC can’t connect to the internet, so better reboot and make sure your PC was able to have its IP.
    3. For those who wants to have multiple phones connected to the MJ: you can use multiple handset wireless phones. the main phone unit is connected to the MJ and just place the other wireless handsets to wherever you want to put it. Just make sure that the wireless units are within the parameter covered by the main handset (see user manual of the phone for this info). If using wired phones, you can buy this splitter (where you connect your RJ11 from MJ to a handset). But you will need several RJ11 wired from where you place your wired phone to where your MJ is installed. See link for the multiple phone splitter i am referring.

    4.There are times that MJ might get down, its all because of interrupted net connection, so just have a routine everyday to see if your phones have dial tone. If none, try rebooting your pc and either wait for your MJ to boot or your manually boot it by double clicking its icon on your desktop.
    5. To make international call or call all over the world, it still depends if your account upon purchasing it has this all over the country call.
    6.I am using MJ with inclusion of a thin client. The thin client was pre-installed with the MJ software when we purchased it. My thin client got corrupted and i need to re-install windows 7 OS. Definitely, the MJ software will be erased. I will still need to verify if the MJ has a capability of auto installation or if i would still need to manually install MJ. I don’t have MJ software. I’m on the process of doing it and hope to give again infos on this thread. Goodluck guys!

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  100. fathi Says:

    please i need to doawnload magicjack

  101. fathi Says:

    i need free calls and

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  103. joemann Says:

    how can I add this majic jack to my account and change this number to 514 685 0339?


  104. test code de route Says:

    test code de route…

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  105. IT Support for small Businesses in Slough Says:

    IT Support for small Businesses in Slough…

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  106. Laura Says:


    […]How To Install Magic Jack Setup |Magic Jack VOIP Internet Phone Service[…]…

  107. lydia Says:

    i have been trying to my newly bought majicjack following the instructions given by the manufacturers. but that seem not to be possible because a dialog box keep popping up with the header : c:\Document~1\Lydia~1\mjusbsp\ar0000\upgrade.exe

  108. David Adams Says:

    I purchased a majic jack plus from Walmart for 69.95 includes first year of service free,29.95 thier after,I can register and keep my same phone number, now because I did not order it on line ,I can not get instructions on how to register my majic jack and keep my same number, no phone no. just web sites that want to charge to give me the info ,who do I call to reister my majic jack???????

  109. Terry Kohls Says:

    I installed my MJ phone here in Philippines. I tried calling my family in US and it came out ok. But when I filled-up this thing ( Log in) and fill up the username & password and completed this registration, I COULD NOT make a call anymore.
    Please help me what to do…

  110. Terry Kohls Says:

    I remember, after I completed the registration, the telephone number appears on the top of the menu abd I presume that this is our MJ tel.#. Please help, Im so confused.

  111. Elaine Royse Says:

    I have downloaded my new magic jack Plus, but I am not getting a dial town on my phone.

  112. Judy Powell Says:

    My magic jack has stopped working what should i do?

  113. Alvin Says:

    ive plug my magicjack into my computer FOUR times and the registrstion screen DOES NOT APPEAR. YOUR advice is requested before returning

  114. pablo Says:


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  118. christine lucero Says:

    nice i can call my relatives in US

  119. christine lucero Says:

    i like it

  120. Ana Says:

    Can I use the magic jack with the Ipad? I use skype to call Costa Rica to a mobile phone but is very expensive. Need to find a different way to make phone calls.

  121. logosuunnittelu Says:


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  122. Barton Altavilla Says:

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  123. Bhadrayu G. Pandya Says:

    I have installed magic jack plus on my laptop. It works fine with it connected to my modem. I also have “open magic jack icon” on my screen. As I use my magic jack plus through my modem, I do not need to connect it to the USB port on laptop. When I click on “open magic jack icon” on the screen, the soft phone screen comes up, but it is overlaid with another screen called “2009 product of the year”. I can not remove this screen in order to work with my soft phone screen. If I remove this screen, the soft phone screen also goes away. Can I not work with my soft phone screen (to look at voicemail log and to create my contact list. Not to call other phones) without connecting magic jack plus to the USB port on the laptop ? I will appreciate your help. Thanks.

  124. Brenda Mundy Says:

    I don’t know the phone number for current carrier.

  125. Jobs Tips | Career Tips | Technology News Says:

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  126. chad swank Says:

    a friend gave me a magic jack that he used for a short while. I need to know how to reregister the magic jack. he does not remember how he registered his.

  127. chad swank Says:

    wont work

  128. J CONTRERAS Says:

    I instal the magicjack is workin ok but is not reciving callsand how can I make a nuw number?

  129. great kitchen tv solution for your house Says:

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  130. mary ling Says:

    I live outside the US and have been trying to use the magic jack but is not getting to connectbit. Do I have to register with a US phone number? this is not straight forward at all….please I need answers!!!

  131. vodka jello shots Says:

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  133. silver Says:

    how many hours to install the magicjack before i can use it??

  134. silver Says:

    there are 4 file in the majic jack what should i open?, the application autorun w/ 669kb or the auto run w/ 28 kb?…
    i need ur help..thnk u

  135. kathy Says:

    Whats with this gadget anyway Hooked up , get computer dianostic problems. Says wait wait for what? I dont want my electronic stuff messed up to cost me money to straighten out.

  136. Deb Says:

    I have original magicjack. Worked beautfully for the first 3 years. And then I got the upgrade. I have Windows 7. I right clicked the desktop shortcut and clicked the ‘restore to previous versions’., Then click the ‘general tab’, it’s the one that will say ‘locate the target file’. Click ‘locate’, you will then see all the files in the Magic jack file. You want to look for the ‘ccloader file’. Right-click the ccloader file and delete it.

    If you are having sound quality issues. I saved my splitters from SBC/DSL. If you have one use it as you would a normal splitter for 2 phone lines. Also Windows 7 has a ‘noise reduction’ feature. Locate ‘sound’ in control panels and it will reduce all static and p.c. background noise while using the Magic Jack phone.

    Apparently, the new magic jack upgrade isn’t compatible with the original Magic Jack software and it screws up your phone. Windows 7 lets you remove the Magic Jack software so you can work with a clean start when re-installing your phone.

    Drop me an email if this has helps anyone. I’m embarrassed to admit how long I was with a phone that would be running half ass one some days and not at all on others. I would get a dial tone and dial a number and the dial tone would still be uninterrupted and the call wouldn’t go through. I would be able to dial out, but not be able to answer the incoming calls.


  137. Maggie Says:

    I have got a magic jack and it was given to me. How do i hook it up i can’t seem to find anyone to help me with this problem the problem is that it is still under her e-mail and i want to change it to mine how do i do that.

  138. mahmoud kassem Says:

    I want to install software for magic jack

  139. mahmoud kassem Says:

    how do i do that?

  140. mahmoud kassem Says:

    how do i install software for magic jack?

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  143. Nivedita Says:

    After installing antivirous MJ icon does not appear on desk top nor it gets connected .It does get connected on Laptop.Could you me what I have to do for P.C.use.Thanks.

  144. asonny Says:

    Say is there a way on how to reset my password or email why becuse it keeps telling me that my divice is not on that account can you tell me how to reset my magicjack?tks.

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