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Magic Jack is not a traditional phone, it is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service. VOIP is also referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband, broadband telephony, and broadband phone. When you buy the service, you receive a special USB device to plug into a USB port on your computer that optimizes voice transmission through the internet. When first plugged in, it will download software so that your computer is ready for you to start making free local and long distance calls using your high-speed internet connection. You must have DSL, broadband, cable internet, wirelss, WiMax or FIOS to use Magic Jack, as it is not configured to work with dial-up internet connections.

The great thing about Magic Jack is that you can use any regular land-line phone for making your calls. No worries about buying headsets or wondering if your computer sound is good enough. The sound on my computer totally sucks, I bought a cheap laptop when my old computer died on me suddenly and I needed a new computer NOW. So if I have good sound quality on my computer, you should have it on yours also. Your computer is just a conduit for the phone service line.

Any landline phone will do as long as it is a single-line phone. You may use a cordless telephone or one with a cord. Currently, I use a phone with an answering machine but I don’t need to use the answering machine part as the free voice mail you get with Magic Jack works very well. It will even send you an email when you have a new voice mail message. But I did check and if you prefer to use a phone with an answering machine, you may do so. A phone with a caller ID display will also work with your Magic Jack service.

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36 Responses to “VOIP Phone”

  1. mike Says:

    how can i contect you by phone

  2. admin Says:

    The Magic Jack company does not have a phone number (how weird is that?). The only way to contact them is through their customer chat here:


    I do not list my phone number, as this is only a review site for magicjack and is not in any way affiliated with magic jack.

  3. Hopeton Hague Says:

    I live in Canada and I make alot of long distance calls to Land Line to Jamaica West Indes. How would the Magic Jack Phone works for me . Do I need to get the International Package?. How does this work and what are the costs associatedc with it. Thanks.
    Hopeton Hague

  4. LAUZIER Alexandre Says:

    I’m an Haiti,I want to buy a Magic Jack, I need the price and I want to know how the system using

  5. Vincent Says:

    Lets get a little real here. What can you expect for $20 a year? Well I have a router on my network and the calls all had a lag of one second. So i replaced my old router with a newer one with QOS and it helped but not that much. I then bought a device called a Hawking Broadband Booster HBB1 and enabled it and the routers (Linksys) QOS and thew lag is gone. the Hawking device is a lag illiminator. Now the magic jack is like a real phone service. Before this. it kinda sucked. Oh and I had to disable the windows QOS in the network settings. So in conclusion my system is 6 years old, with a router linksys BFSR41 ver.4.3 and a Hawking Broadband Booster HBB1 connected to a Magic Jack and it work great now. The Hawkings Broadband Booster HBB1 made all the difference.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks for the great advice Vincent. Not all problems one has with the Magic Jack are the fault of the device, people need to investigate their own computer first before complaining that the MJ is no good.

  7. mauricio ramirez Says:

    Deseo saber si es posible adquirir el producto para comunicarme de bogota colombia a guadalajara mexico.

  8. Chuck W. Says:

    Yes. At least one of the sites would need a magic Jack obviously and then you would need to pay long distance to the other site. Better solution is to use two MJs, one in Guadalajara and one in Bogota, which would allow you to call for free! Remeber MJ always requires a broadband connection to function. Muy Buena Suerte

  9. J Ferreira Says:

    Ud encuentra el Magic Jack, en nuestro website.

  10. candy Says:

    I am still using dial-up (yea, not everyone can afford high-speed) in Jamaica, can MJ still work for me too?

  11. Chuck W. Says:

    No, Candy, it will NOT work on dial-up. Don’t even try.

  12. Lonnie Webb Says:

    Will Magic Jack work on Sat. dsl

  13. Evelyn Gadsden Says:

    I just ordered a magic jack,but i want to know if i can use it on my phone at my house in south carolina.that is the phone i realy want it for.

  14. Ala' Akasheh Says:

    I got my MagicJack piece, and register, got a phone number, and whenever i plug in the device the Magic Jack window starts up but i don’t receive the Ready To Call on top of the window, instead always displaying connect to internet and double click. I have ADSL connection with 512K speed and it is already connected when i plugged the device in the USB. Can anybody advise please. Thanks

  15. drbray Says:

    “Most users that are having “trouble” with their magicJack® dongle are usually having connection problems with their computer’s USB ports and its power supply to those ports!”

    magicJack® may or may not work best when plugged directly into a USB port on the computer.

    Try using a externally AC powered USB hub to plug the magicJack® dongle into instead of using the computer’s USB port if there are ‘many’ other USB devices connected to the computer or if the magicJack® dongle acts erratically with audio and connection problems. »(Cost $20.00)

  16. CLAIRE Says:


  17. admin Says:

    I believe you can make free calls to Jamaica if the person you are calling in Jamaica also has a Magic Jack phone service.

    Hope this helps!

    For more info:


  18. barbara wyma Says:

    how do i order it i how dose it work how much it cost.how can ireach someone to talk to

  19. admin Says:

    @barbara wyma,

    You can order through the official web site here:


    Magic Jack is also sold on ebay, click the link under Blogroll to see the listings.


  20. Zafém PDT Says:

    my question is,do you think i can use a gif card to buy something on this website if I don’t have any credit card!
    Currently I do not have a credit card on my possession!

  21. Zafém PDT Says:

    one more thing,i also need to know what kind of devices and logiciel work with the magic jack,please somebody who knows a lot about the magic jack answered to my questions!!
    Thank you so much”

  22. James Spencer Says:

    I have yahoo and hughes net. It works with an antenna on the roof. Will Magic Jack work with
    this satellite hook-up. If now what can I acquire
    to make it work. The hughes net service is satellite service. My wife and I also have cell
    phones we can use, but I want to use Magic Jack and no connection with the telephone lines, because I have plans of firing them.Please let me know if I will have any luck with Magic Jack with
    a satellite connection.

  23. James Spencer Says:

    Looks like I used the wrong space to ask questions. I hope it still works this way. I really do need to know about the questions I asked.

  24. James Spencer Says:

    James Spencer questions above. Please!!!!!

  25. Mike Says:

    Hi James, I believe the answer to (our) question is NO. I to have Hughes which I hate, and I ordered my jacks on 3/17. Today I was surfing the net magicjack.com and found a link to common
    Q and A and there it was types of Internet that wont work and Hughes was listed. so I went to live chat with tech support and they confirmed it, looks like its going back for a 30 day refund before I even get it. Once again an over priced Internet that cant preform for the cost. I have the pro plus system at $107.00 a month, and my work I have AT&T DSL, 50 times faster than satellite at $35.00 a month. The price we pay not to live in the big city. Good Luck. Mike

  26. Jimmie Moore Says:


    I just bought my Magicjack in the Fort Benning PX (affes) program. I am stationed in Qatar. Can I register, pay for the yearly service and use here in Qatar to make calls to the U.S. and the Philippines? My apartment has WIFI and I use a lap top. The WIFI signal is good.

  27. fiorella Says:

    i read that magic jack only work if your computer is on…so is true? if i have the computer off can i get my all my calls…and can i make calls? i have family living in peru , can i call them? thanks

  28. valentina Says:

    como puedo hablar con esta compania porque no aparece sus telefonos gracias

  29. AnnieEsq Says:

    I have used magic jack for a few months now and am really happy with it. The best thing about it is that I eliminated a $40 a month phone bill so I save more than $400 a year. I have not had any major problems with it and in fact find it has alot of really nice features. 1) Calls are generally clear, comparable to a land line. 2) Desktop menu is nice, shows all your calls and has an easy-to-use contact list. 3) Caller ID works well and gives you the option to ignore a call 4) Long distance is free and works well 5) If you connect it to a cordless with several handsets you can use it throughout the house.

    These are the only problems I have had or disadvantages I have found, but considering what I save on phone service I can live with them: 1) Occassionally I will get a reverberation, where the caller is like repeating himself. I usually just have to unplug and re-start it. 2) No customer service telephone number, but their chat service has been helpful. 3) You can’t port your old phone so you have to get a new number. But you can choose from several numbers. 4) Your phone number will not be listed in the phone directory. 5) USB is sensitive and unit is easily damaged or broken. The USB on my unit is loose but it still works. 6) When you get a call the menu pops up with caller id, it can interrupt games and other applications and is a bit of a pain. No way to change this feature.

    It only works with broadband service, will not work with dial-up or satellite. I was hoping to use it at my mountain cabin but we only have dial-up available there so I can’t.

    If your magic jack gets damaged you have to buy a new one but you can keep your old magic jack number if you chat with customer service before registering the new magic jack, not sure if you get to keep your contacts and other info.

    I would definitely recommend this product. It has some nice features and will save you alot of money. You’ll recover your cost in a month or two max.

  30. Bill990 Says:

    I think my magicJack works great.
    I got it from VOIP Marketing & Sales.
    So far I had no problem at all.

  31. beth Says:

    can i use this calling from philippines to qatar?

  32. jhay Says:

    can i call in the philippines for free by using magicjack

  33. Ericsh Says:

    My phone doesn’t work with MJ. Any suggestions on what phones will work?

  34. Sheryl Raleigh Says:

    i got my magic jack about a year ago. I have not been able to get it to work for since around July of 2010. I wanted to know if I can use it with wifi.

  35. felicia Says:

    i just got my mj and i can not figure out how to call. it will let me call out, but when i try to call it it says put in the magic # and area code and then it says transforing but never does anyhing. can somebpody help me ?

  36. Quintin Copsey Says:

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