Magic Jack Setup Instructions

It is very simple to learn how to setup Magic Jack. But just in case you have already tried and are maybe having a bit of difficulty this brief article will give you instructions for all you need to know. In the case of problems persisting after following the following directions that may unfortunately be due to a malfunction within the actual device, or possibly within your computer or phone/jack. In cases such as those it’s time to contact customer support and have them walk you through a more thorough diagnostic test. But before that, try the following tips and tricks.

The first thing that one wants to do is merely to plug the device into the USB port in the side or back of their computer. This is the same type of place where you might plug a printer or other device into; that’s how you might recognize it. It really should go in nice and easy with little to no forcing necessary. If you find yourself trying to jam it in there then perhaps you have it upside down. Take it out and get a closer look. That is the first step that you need to understand in terms of how to setup your Magic Jack.

After the device is plugged into the USB port then just wait a second. If there was software which came with your device then maybe you should load that up. But first wait and see if the device has the software on it itself and if it starts loading up an installation screen. Either way, merely follow the simple promptings on the screen in order to install the software onto your computer.

Now we are almost to the end of your little quest for setup, with only one last step really to come. Most likely, everything will be working well up to this point. In this case, now is the time to plug your phone into the device. This should be self-explanatory. Just like you used to have to plug the telephone into a cord and that cord into the jack in the wall, now you’ve got to connect your MagicJ ack into your new “brain headquarters”: the computer and Internet itself. Once that is done, wait a second and then pick up your phone. If you have followed along diligently with our Magic Jack setup instructions then you should get an old, familiar dial tone on your phone. If so, everything is A-okay and you’re ready to rock and roll! Happy calling.

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49 Responses to “Magic Jack Setup Instructions”

  1. vickie hurst Says:

    My magic jack will not display on my computer

  2. Patricia B. Hicks Says:

    I paid $39.95 with visa debit card onl2/08/09 for renewal subscription for magic jack. I have been very satisfied using it to call my children in different cities. You sent me the package and I didn’t realize what it was and sent it back. Please just send me another package and I can be using magic jack again. I am lost without it. Patricia B. Hicks.

  3. M NATARAJ Says:

    Dear sir
    when i connect the magicjack to my laptop which has Windows XP as theoperating system it doesnot work. however it works on my desktop pc with similar system. why this difference. kindly resolve and advice this . what i should do to work in my laptop.The device i have has a built in software. Your early reply will be welcome. nataraj

  4. Debra Wilson Says:

    My magicjack prompts me to open in windows media player. why? I never had this problem when I first installed it a year ago. It worked with no problems. I only used it a few months then I disconnected it and to reconnet is a pain. Do I have to get a new phone number? My pc doesn’t recognize this device.

  5. Ruby Okoro Says:

    I have received my frist magicjack and can’t see how it’s cable willfit into my phone socket, they are made differently. please advise. also I have DSL fast access internet with filters on 3 different cordless phones,will that be a problem? I would also like to continue to use the fax on my dell 360 all-in-one printer, please advise.

  6. Sumathi Viswanathan Says:

    I have recently purchased my Magic Jack andI have plugged it into my laptop as per instructions and into my phone at the other end as well, for the past 3hrs I am getting a display which says “download in progress please do not unplug”..accoording to your instructions I should be able to use the phone in minutes.Please advise.Thanks

  7. James harrison Says:

    I can’t get magiejack to work can you tell me where to send it back can’t talk to get kelp

  8. charanjit singh Says:

    I have connected my magic jack
    It is not installed
    please advice

  9. g legare Says:

    ihave a dialtone but it will not call anyone. ive tried several phone numbers in the us and it does not ring

  10. g legare Says:

    i can not get a phone conection to any number im dial why….

  11. Mona Cox Says:

    How do I get the screen phone dial screen?

  12. Mona Cox Says:

    How can I get the magic jack phone pad on my computer screen???

  13. Ruth Gagne Says:

    Not sure of the above answer???? I started to install my MJ, one of the questions asked was “area code” and town. Mine was not listed amongst the others. Do I ignore that and go on with the other boxes that need to be filled in? If I tell AT&T (my present supplier) I no longer want their service, and thereby losing my existing telephone #, and go about advising EVERYONE of the new number, and something doesn’t work down the line with my MJ, have I screwed myself up with AT&T and not be able to get my old number back that I’ve had for 43 years?

  14. Ruth Gagne Says:

    I believe I waant an RM to send the unit back to you. Thank you.

    Ruth Gagne

  15. lisa singh Says:

    disconnet mj for one minute when connect back saying to log back in email address and pass word did that still not getting it to work again. what is problem need help

  16. cheryl dionne Says:

    thank you for your assistance. I probably need another renewal. because I bought it around this time last year my niece set it up and does not live here anymore and she does not have the password anymore. maybe you can look the account up and e-mail me a solution maybe its my applications identifier or when the computer was defraged something was lost or deleated. I hope not because i really enjoyed this device. thank you. cheryl d.

  17. donna0126 Says:

    has anyone been able to do the registration for magicjack.

  18. florissa itulid Says:

    no magic jack display

  19. will goodavage Says:

    how does a person go about using vmail if it keeps saying ‘pass word invalid’?

    thanks in advance for your help.


  20. Seth Lieberman Says:


    Users of the magicJack can now enable over 20 missing features plus call recording with the downloadable “Magicfeatures” software plugin recently released.

    Three of the most popular features with users are Selective Call Blocking, Priority Calls Only and Anonymous Call Blocking allowing magicJack users to easily filter pesky incoming calls without blocking calls most important to them.

    “Magicfeatures” adds all the bells and whistles to the magicJack calling experience including but not limited to:

    Caller ID with Name
    Call Waiting Caller ID
    Talking Caller ID
    7 Digit Local Area Dialing
    Voice Mail (dial 98)
    Speed Dial (dial 1-50)
    Last Number Redial (dial 66)
    Call Return (dial 69)
    Cancel Call Waiting (dial 70)
    Call Forwarding (dial 72/73)
    Anonymous Call Block (dial 77/87)
    Do Not Disturb (dial 78/79)
    Priority Calls Only (dial 64/84)
    Selective Call Rejection
    Blocked Call Chime with Caller ID
    Priority Call Special Ringing
    Priority Call Waiting
    Call Waiting Disable
    Automated Extension Dialing
    Automated Phone Card Dialing
    Double Ringing for Answer Machine Pickup
    Call Location Lookup
    Call Recording

    With the additional features, magicJack users can now enjoy even more dialing features than are available to landline users. The new “Magicfeatures” software plugin for magicJack can be downloaded at .

  21. marin Says:

    mine keeps saying failed to connect to internet, why?

  22. Margaret Says:

    I did what was required to plug the Magic Jack into my computer and nothing….what’s with that?

    I’m trying to find a customer service number and I’m not seeing it.

    Plus, these google ads that appear smack dab in the middle of information won’t go away!!!

    Help please. Thanks.

  23. faisal Says:

    hi i want to find out how i can extened my same magicjack no.i did paid 19.95$ by visa card

  24. JOHN KWOFIE Says:

    Hi l can not download when l plug my magicjack usb on my computer,can you help me to install it.waiting to hear from you ASAP.

  25. JOHN KWOFIE Says:

    l am using windows XP version please and can not download when l plug to my computer,l have tried it several time but can not please help me solve this problem so l can use it .

  26. M. TWAILY Says:


  27. Donna Pennings Says:

    When I installed my majic jack worked great for a week now all land line calls get a busy signal when making a call but can call a cell phone and I get through to them . all land line calls get a busy signal and it worked in the beginning

  28. Donna Pennings Says:

    line calls busy signal all times worked now it does not.

  29. mary macdonald Says:

    The MJ hooked up great, I get a dial tone on the phone and dial the number. The person gets my call, but my phone does not ring when it is calling her, and I do not hear the person talking. The person calls me on my cell phone and wants to know if I have been calling her. Why does my phone not ring and why can’t I hear her talking. Also, I’m still hooked up to a different phone company, in case this phone doesn’t work, will this affect my phone, I have a phone & internet spliter attached? MM

  30. ricardo Says:

    my wife have a mjack but her computer got stolen, but she still have the piece mjack, how can she make it work, she lives in costa rica, (the piece only works with the program that she download or she can only download another one?) or what else can she do

  31. burton swenson Says:

    i cannot get my magicjack on my new computer,all i get is a dial tone

  32. burton swenson Says:

    it says i cannot get mj on a vista

  33. pc99Solutions Says:

    One thing we found was missing. You must setup Magic Jack after you login to MS Windows as administrator. Check your user ID in Control Panel and make sure you are not a restricted user. MJ will setup fine and try to update, but it will never complete until you log in with admin rights.

  34. Pat Frey Says:

    I finally got Magictalk installed but it does not come through to the phone. Voice is on the computer only with a strong echo. Tried two phones & neither receives calls. No dial tone either.

  35. Andrew Says:

    A friend of mine gave me a MagicJack. When i plug it into my computer it says “Download in progress please do not unplug”, but it never actually downloads and works. Any ideas?

  36. Lorraine Says:

    I am trying connect my magic jack to my PC but it is not working. can you say why.

  37. Lorraine Says:

    I am trying connect my magic jack to my PC but it is not working. can you say why it is not working. thank you..

  38. marvin Says:

    I have window xp my magicjack will not start up do i need a disk to get it to start or what do i need to change to get it to start

  39. marvin Says:

    my magicjack will not start with window xp it said window not supored wit this window

  40. Matt Says:

    Any help for Magic jack that it’s saying The (Installation associated with your computer is invalid) window 7.

  41. fatou bayo Says:

    how can i activate my phoneline.

  42. sara Says:

    I have recently had my magic jack and have plugged it into my laptop which has a window 7 as per instruction and into my phone at the other end as well.According to your instructions i should be able to use the phone in minutes therefore while the laptop is connected before i call anyone i hear a tone but when it comes to call anyone they tell me under my own number { in the top middle of the screen } please connnect to the internet & double click here ” error 3 ” , please advice me what to do .
    thank you in advance

  43. jessica smith Says:

    how do u turn the ringer down or take it off

  44. mr,george bozesman Says:

    i have been with a problem with a echo in the back ground while talking ,can i please get some one to help with the problem.
    thank’s george


    I purchasedorder no TS16265439.
    I also have a majick jack Telephone No: (917) 668-4748
    I received a new telephone (202) 239-6000
    The majick jack Icon Is not working.


    I can be reached at (678) 365-7264
    I would like to return the Product because it is not working for me.

  46. chad swank Says:


  47. Kelvin Says:

    Am having a problems with my magic jack..I registered for a long time and i have forgetting my Email and also my Password..How can i get them back to login and use it back..

  48. Goran Says:

    The Installation associated with your computer is invalid.

  49. Goran Says:


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