Nettalk For Home And Mobile Calls

With the rapid growth of the Internet and technology, the need for traditional phone services has all but disappeared. Anyone who has a broadband internet connection can now embrace the VOIP revolution and save hundreds of dollars per year. Now, VOIP is not a new invention in the technology world, but a new player called NetTalk is revolutionizing the way it is used.

This device operates similarly to other plug-in VOIP devices except that one does not need to have it plugged in to a computer. It offers free local and long-distance calls to the US and Canada, as well as calls worldwide between NetTalk users. A one-time fee is required to purchase the product, it can be installed in about five minutes or less and calls can be made immediately afterward. Features are also not forsaken as it comes with voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and more for no cost.

Another new addition this product brings is the availability to cell phones. It can be used anywhere there is a broadband or high-speed connection. This is very useful for those who may travel out of their carrier’s coverage zone and receive roaming charges. It may also allow many cell phone customers to lower their plans to pay less, as they can simply use the device and avoid overage charges.

To clarify, there is a free application available for the iPod Touch and smart phone devices. This is a free app offered by Net Talk, which allows calls over WiFi, Edge or 3G internet connections. This is an excellent way to test the program out and save some money. The only downside to the free app is the free features like call waiting are not offered. However, it does offer a quick way to decide whether the device is a good investment.

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