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I’ve had emails from visitors wanting to know how to use the Softphone Screen that appears when you install Magic Jack so I thought I would write an explanation of how it works.  The red numbers you see on the Screen below designate the different areas of the Softphone Screen that we are going to discuss, these numbers do not appear on the Softphone Screen on your computer.


magic jack softphone screen


1.  This is the area on the left of the Softphone where you will see rotating messages from Magic Jack about their services.  Any updates will also show here, such as when new area codes are added to the service.  If the area code that you want is not available when you first get your Magic Jack, you’re allowed to change your area code free once that area code becomes available.

2.  The center top of the Softphone Screen displays your Magic Jack phone number that has been assigned to you just under “Ready to call”.  There are also three buttons for Yahoo, AOL and Weather, which if clicked, will open up your browser to, and

3.  The Magic Jack Phonebook will store your contacts that you enter and also the calls that you have made or received with your Magic Jack.  By clicking on Contacts, a menu appears where you can edit or delete your contacts.  Clicking on calls displays your recent calls and Favorites will display the sites you have saved in Favorites in Internet Explorer.

4.  Buttons for Redial which calls the last number dialed; Voice Mail, which will dial your number and then prompt you for your password to access your Voice Mail.  When setting up your Voice Mail, use the password 1234, and then change it immediately to another 4-digit number.  The 411 button will open your web browser to this website: which is a free telephone lookup directory.  Clicking on the Google button will open up your web browser to

5.  When installing your Magic Jack, you will be prompted to enter your physical address for their 911 service.  You may add more than one address if you will be using your Magic Jack in different locations.  If you will be using the Magic Jack 911 service, be sure to have your correct physical location selected at all times. Also have a back-up way to call 911 in case your internet service goes down, as your Magic Jack phone will not work during these times.

6. Phone key pad on the Magic Jack SoftScreen.  You may use your phone to dial a number or the Softphone Screen can be used by clicking the buttons with your mouse.

7.  If using the Softphone Screen to dial a phone number, you click “Send” to call the number, and “End” to hang up when you are finished with your call.  The number you have dialed, whether using your telephone or the Softphone Screen will show in the white area.

8.  Change the size of the Softphone Screen by clicking on “Big” or “Small” in the upper right corner.  The Softphone Screen can be minimized by clicking on the button with the “-” located to the right of the “Big” or “Small” button.  The Menu button lets you access different features for your phone, such as “Do Not Disturb” which will send all calls directly to Voice Mail for you.

Now you know all about your Magic Jack Softphone Screen so you can use your new service to its greatest capacity.  If you have any more questions, please ask in the comments below. I answer all comments, and you will probably ask a question that many others would like to know also.

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84 Responses to “Softphone Screen Features”

  1. Mrs. Buck Says:

    Right now I am with Vonage, who provides me with telephone AND fax service .

    Can Magic Jack provide fax service?


    Mrs. Buck

  2. admin Says:

    Magic Jack at this time does not support fax service. Magic Jack’s best use right now is to save money on long distance calls, but not to replace an existing phone service.

  3. Anu Says:


    I am not able to access Softphone. Could you please help.


  4. admin Says:

    If your softphone screen is not coming up, try installing your Magic Jack again. If that doesn’t help contact the customer service for magicjack at their web site:

  5. NMH Says:

    Can I use a Skype or other compact phone (handset)with Magic Jack, provided I use a USB to RJ-11 adapter?

  6. admin Says:


    I believe you can as I have seen these types of phones listed for sale to use with Magic Jack,

    Hope this helps

  7. sump Says:

    Nice summary. I love my magicjack phone!

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks sump! All things considered, I think that magicjack is a very good product. After all, it is usually only the people having problems that you do hear from. Those with a good experience just start using it and go on, they don’t need to look up answers to their problems.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Magic Jack…

    I saw this site that reviews magic jack, skype and vonage. Check it out if your thinking about getting a voip service….

  10. Says:

    Magic Jack Internet Phone…

    I came across this site on magic jack, has a lot of helpful info if you`re having problems….

  11. Bonnie Houston Says:

    We have Hughesnet satellite broadband internet. Will Magic Jack work with Hughesnet? Conversations are breaking up, very difficult to understand. I want Magic Jack to work for us but so far, we are very dissappointed, and we do not know how to fix it. Thanks, Bonnie H.

  12. mike kane Says:

    i will try these ideas–otherwise it goes back to QVC

  13. Chuck W. Says:

    Per their FAQ, Magic Jack does not recommend using satellite Internet Services for the MJ service. I have had my MJ for 4 months now with very few problems (Arizona). My brother,on the other hand, had many problems with his (Florida). In researching his problems, I find a recurring theme about better service from older computers (3-4 year old XP machines like mine) versus newer Vista machine (like his). Problems solved completely by using HP Thin Clients configured for use with MJ. Now you don’t leave your main machine on all the time and operations going on in the background don’t interfere with the bandwidth needed for MJ. I bought our thin clients on Ebay from a seller in utah. Not cheap ($150-200)but amortized over a couple of years with a much improved service level, I think worth your consideration. Good Luck to all.

  14. Krakah Says:

    I have the Magic Jack and I think it is a pretty decent gadget. Of course this is from a guy who leaves his main PC on 24/7 unless I need to reboot for updates. If you are accustomed to shuting down your PC at night this will present a problem when you change your habbit. Expect you electric bill to go up anywhere from $30-$55 a month.
    Other than that my only major gripe with it is the cheezy looking softphone. I had to run the magic jack as a service in order to keep my games/apps from getting interupted by the softphone screen everytime I picked up the phone or when it would ring.
    Does anybody have any solutions to the horrible look of the stock softphone? Any idea if there are any other softphone applications that will sync up with the MJ? I hate looking at their ads or accidently clicking thier home page link. Clicking the 911 button hasn’t come up yet though.

  15. rg smith Says:

    I have a very simple question.
    Hit “enter ” to send works. What key to end?
    There’s no one to ask.

  16. Jack Ross Says:

    I have 2 homes in 2 different states. I live 6 months in each, When I move to my second home can I change the area code?

    If I can, will my original area code be available when I move bacK?

  17. admin Says:


    Unless you purchase 2 magic jacks (one for each location), I believe you would be using the same area code and number for both places. According to the offical Magic Jack website at, they will allow you to change your area code and number once for free.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Rick Frazier Says:

    Buzzing, clicking, chopped voices, interupted calls? Then read this. It ain’t the magic Jack doing it.

    They hacked my PC, shut off my only emergency phone service, and erased my firewall logs
    proving they did it. or so they thought…I backed-up the files on my portable drive & already sent then via e-mail to FCC and Magic Jack.

    The following is my opinion of the events as they transpired.
    My original ISP was cableone. I have had Lingo VOIP phone service for a few years before having problems. Cableone began a hard sales push for their VOIP service. Then the cable guys came to my house & said they needed to see how I had my internet hooked up. I asked why & they stuttered and acted stupid. I let them in and they picked up my Lingo modem and looked it over ansd asked me what it was. I told them & they left. Within a hour my lingo phone quit working. I called & complained & told them I never had any trouble with it. They fixed it almost immediately, but I know had marginal phone service, sporadic failures, noise etc. I bought the magic jack voip phone device & my phone was perfectly clear. I started within a week getting firewall warnings of attacks from cableone. My magic jack stopped working. I sent them a nasty e-mail and the problems cleared up, for a while & started again. This time I sent them & magic jack my firewall trace logs. It stopped, but I was so pissed I dumped cableone, and got clearwire wireless cable. For 4-5 days it was flawless, then same ‘ol same ‘ol. So I called clearwire tech support & they started a song & dance telling me what I knew. I sent them my logs & sent them to Magic Jack and cc my portable drive. I have all the original logs & so does magic jack. clearwire hacked my PC again and erased all my firewall logs…or so they thought. I’m willing to swear in court that this is true & acurate to the best of my knowlegde. This should get them some 9.0 sphincter pucker.

  19. Jeff brown Says:

    I can’t get my magic jack to work at all. The soft screen comes up; everything is downloaded but I can’t make or receive calls. HELP!!

  20. LUIS Says:

    i live in chicago,can i colombia?

  21. TyG Says:


    I bought one a year ago. It didn’t work.

    Tried again yesterday and today to see if they’d fixed it.

    Would not install. So-called help “chat” (no way to reach a human except endless typing) recommended root level system/driver mods that were sheer lunacy.

    I have been in IT and telecom for 30 years.

    The only thing “MAGIC” about this “JACK-OFF” product is that nobody has sued them yet for false advertising.


  22. admin Says:

    As I have said before, Magic Jack is great for saving on long distance calls, but I would not replace my regular phone service with magicjack.

  23. MagicJackFan Says:

    It’s a fact that somebody (Vonage?) is paying so-called professional bloggers (web mercenaries may be more accurate) to bash MagicJack to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) or protect existing market share. You do have to keep this in mind if you want to try it. Chances are, if you have a decent computer and a good connection (cheapest DSL Lite isn’t fast enough), Magic Jack will work fine for you and it can save you LOTS of money.

    For those who actually have one (most detractors do not, but don’t mind posting lies that imply they do), if you do have any problems check out the site linked from my user name. There are lots of troubleshooting there to help you tune it.

  24. GENE .T. CARSON Says:


  25. Helen W. Says:

    I have been using Magic Jack for a month now and I love it. I am retired and on a budget. After two weeks of using it I discontinued my VoIP service from another company that was costing me $30 per month. Now my husband and I use our cell phones as our main phone system. We do not leave our PC on at night, nor when we are not home. We either let the MJ pick up the call and send it to voicemail or we forward our calls to one of our cell phones.During the day we disable call forwarding and use our house wireless phones to make and receive calls Using MJ. We haven’t gotten our electric bill yet so I don’t know if it will increase because of leaving the PC on all day. If it does I will have to figure out how to get around that. I am 70 years old and enjoying these new gadgets it’s lots of fun.

    We did have a couple of problems with MJ which I straightened out using the online customer service. Sure I had to type for a while but I did not mind because I liked spending a little time in exchange for being free from that $30 phone bill. Have patience, it pays you!

  26. admin Says:

    Thanks for sharing your great experience Helen! Magic Jack is a good service at an awesome price, just sometimes has a few bugs to work out which is probably mostly due to differences in computers. I’m sure it will get better as time goes on.

  27. Jan Freeman Says:

    OK, almost a year ago I bought a magic Jack, still have the number, and also bought the additional 5 year contract.

    I thought it was downloaded properly, I got a softscreen 1 time, made a call then………all I have ever got from it on my pc is their advert.
    Yes, I tried the typing thing, and I am sure it is computer generated, it was not helpful at all, in fact 4 hours later I was ready to hang myself, 4 hours is a long time when every sentence was the same.

    I took it to Chicago with me and my son put it in his pc, same make and model as mine, and voila…it worked.

    I have tried to uninstall/delete it from my hard drive, no such luck, it will not go away, I know the ad by heart now, they need to pay me to listen to it, but joking aside, I know this works, and I am angry that they had the audasity to ask for another years subscription when I bought 5 years and even more angy that there is no way to resolve any issues with a human, can anyone help me here?. I have spent so many hours on it it is getting more of “must conquer issue” now.

  28. admin Says:


    Here are a couple of sites that I’ve found with instructions on how to delete magicjack from your computer:

    Hope this helps! I haven’t had a reason to want to uninstall it, so don’t know how good the directions are.

  29. Chuck Says:

    when i use magicjack,there is echo or stuttering in the voices how can i fix this?

  30. admin Says:


    That may be caused by your internet connection. Also try using a different phone and see if that helps.

  31. lezah Says:

    To Chuck:

    try to lower the volume for both microphone and speakers to about 1/3 of max. click menu in your dial pad the volume headset control.

    you may also try use a different USB port, they said it may help much.

  32. Harold Says:


  33. Sokhna K. Gueye Says:

    I need if possible to get me a cd that can launch my softphone pad because it’s been a month i cannot use my pc to call i have to borrow one to place a call; you guys did help me thru chat but with no result; i think i’m missing some files that do the launch; Thanks.

  34. admin Says:

    @Harold and Sokhna,

    Try re-installing the magic jack or running the magicfix. The softphone screen should always be on your desktop if your magic jack device is plugged into a usb port.


  35. Bill B Says:

    My phone works OK and I tried to call my own number and got the vmail voice telling me to leave a message which I did, however when I tried to check for the voice mail it doesn’t work i.e. does not ask me for the password. Can you help?
    Thanks, Bill

  36. Patrick Says:

    I purchased my MagicJack in 2007 along with the additional years added; it does not expire until 2013. It works great! I’ve never had any problems out of it. I did the upgrade when I first got it and it solved my problems for when I travel. I have fiber optic and travel between the US and Japan. Works in Japan too.

  37. arlene glazer Says:

    is there a way to end a call on the number keypad other then clicking on red end button.

  38. upx Says:

    Incoming voice quality with MJ Softphone is TERRIBLE for me on Windows XP SP3. However, when plugged in with a cordless phone, everything sounds great (except when I’m running uTorrent).
    Has anyone else had problems with Softphone and did any of you find a solution ?

  39. dorothy Says:

    can my husband get one for his computer we have two computers and if it will work on his than yes i will buy two

  40. jovkayshie Says:

    when i click my majic jack icon to launch it doesn’t open my softphone i only get a message saying “you must plug your majic jack in the USB port”, however it’s alreday plugged in and i already tried to transfer usb ports several times but still i get the same message? pls help me quick.thanks a lot!!

  41. Joseph Brannon Says:

    Can you intergrate magicjack with outlook ?

  42. admin Says:


    I have heard that if you use outlook there is a plug-in you can install that adds a toolbar for one click dialing.


  43. Abbas Says:

    I am using a wireless phone set (made in Germany)
    Every time I dial a number from the phone set it transfers to the Magic Jack Softphone Screen 9 digits and sometimes less.

    What could I do?

  44. admin Says:


    When you dial a number, it will also show up on the softphone screen. It seems that there might be a conflict happening between your phone and the magic jack. Have you tried using another phone to see if your problem still happens?

  45. K Jones Says:

    I’ve had my Magic Jack for about a year. I was afraid that it might be to good to be true– it’s not. I bought a second one to use as a second line in my office, it works great there too. My savings on a second business line paid for the Magic Jack the first month.

    I have used it on several different computers.
    (All XP) It has been great. I do see some performance issues with some computers but most are caused by the settings on the computer itself, NOT the Magic Jack.

    I hear many complaints and don’t understand why. It does make me wonder if there are people paid to complain about it. I know technology can be frustrating, my PC and Windows XP frustrate me sometimes, so little issues with something that is really saving me money—I can live with that.

    Thank you Magic Jack

  46. admin Says:

    @K Jones,

    Thank you for sharing your postive experience with Magic Jack! It does seem that everyone is just complaining about it but mostly people like yourself don’t need to look for answers to their problems because it is working perfectly for them. Like you said, most of the problems are settings on the individual computer. I think that the biggest frustration that people have is getting support for their problem from the company.

    Thanks again!

  47. Johann Says:

    J just got the MJ and i have no problems with it on my main computer,that I put together 6 years ago. I also have an secondary old compaq that is 10 years old and MJ will not work on it even after putting win Xp on it.I guess it is just to slow.
    IF your MJ does not work take it to your friend’s computer and check it.There are several websites to check your internet download and upload speeds to check if you may have a problem with your internet connection. Yes,costumer service is not that great and if you read up on the the company i can understand why.The 1st year MJ was introduced(i belief it was 2007) MJ co. sold twice as many units as expected.The next year MJ co. estimated that it would have as many costumer as vontage and packed 8 together.I read on one Website yesterday,that MJ co. is training costumer reps left and right because of the explosion of the increase of units sold.
    Years ago I had vonage which was very new to the market at the time.There costumer service was also slow and it was comen to be on hold for 45-60 min before a rep ansered the line. On the other hand packet 8(I had service with them the last 2 years) was instant but packet 8 is not known as vontage.
    I bought MJ at bestbuy this way if it had not worked it would be easy to return.
    For the Money I spend on MJ I am very happy with it.

  48. Johann Says:

    I just wanted to ad to the post I done earlier that I do not work For MJ. I just like to read up on things before I make a decision.

  49. admin Says:


    Thank you for your positive comment. It is true that MJ will not work on all computers because of differences of programs and speeds. I agree, MJ is a great deal for the money spent.

  50. John Taylor Says:

    MagicJack is a great product, however, one day – the “Do Not Disturb” feature stopped showing up on the options under Menu.. i tried to search all over the internet since i cannot contact customer support – my MJ was purchased in the US I’m in Asia, and I cannot get the original email/password that was used initially. I really need that feature back.

  51. admin Says:


    Evidently in a recent upgrade the “Do Not Disturb” feature was removed.


  52. laurie wolfe Says:

    will the magic jack interfere with my life alert which is hooked to my home landline phone? my mom thinks so but if the magic jack works through my computer and it is hooked to my cable i don’t see the connection! please reply,right now i make no long distance calls as i cannot afford to! thank you, laurie wolfe PLEASE REPLY

  53. admin Says:


    I don’t see how the magic jack would interfere with your landline phone at all since they are making calls through different lines. However, if you are concerned about this please contact your life alert company and discuss it with them to see what they have to say about it. You can also talk to the magic jack customer service at their web site here:

    Do check it out thoroughly, better to be safe than sorry!

    Let us know how it goes for you.

  54. Frank Says:

    Can I use my softphone, X-Lite, instead of the onscreen softphone?


  55. ali Says:

    my fon 6122875366 is not woken

  56. edgardo de leon Says:

    I already installed my magicjack on my laptop. I am trying to use that magicjack on my another laptop…what will I do,,,do I need to reinstall it again or just download the softphone, and where can I get the softphone software


  57. Bob Says:

    I wish I had found your website earlier. Have had magicJack for almost a week and everything is working fine. (More or less playing with it to get use to using it.) Before discovering your website used trial and error method due to parcity of instructions from magicJack. One question: Could you elaborate more on what the “Favorites” button and screen indicates and how it is used? Your Item 3 mentions it records sites I have saved in Favorites on Internet Exployer. I rarely if ever use Internet Exployer but do use AOL constantly and frequently use the AOL Favorites button. Would that be what is indicated in my situation in the magicJack screen?

  58. shee Says:

    hi! i live in ASIA but my husband is in the US.he already buy a magic jack there for me and he will send it early next month.And i’m so worried if i can activate it or it will work because i dont live in the US and i will be the one to activate it in my computer. my husband has no internet connection in US due for his work.He only use a cellphone and so i will be the one to use the magic jack to call him..pls help me.i’m badly worried..wating for your reply soon…thanks

  59. shee Says:

    the boyfriend of my cousin introduced me about magic jack.he lived in the US.when he visit in ASIA he brought magic jack and he let me borrowed it and installed it in my computer so that i can call my husband in US.i was so happy that i made a very long call to my hubby.It’s unlimited call and it save lot of dollars on thatday because of the magic we agreed to buy the magic jack coz it’s really a magic!!


  60. Rick Says:

    I have clients that use our CRM service that is compatible with callto function though a browser or url link to initiate a call, Does Magic Jack support any of this technology?

  61. John Says:

    Hi there,
    I am looking to get a MJ, but I am not sure about one thing.
    I have a “rocket” from Rogers in Canada which allow me to have high speed internet through a 3G network. I pay every month based on my data usage. Does someone know how much data is downloaded or uploaded during a call?
    Thanks a lot

  62. Alex Says:

    Recently got it and up and running fine. Just don’t want or need to see it’s fat tab on my bottom toolbar all the time. How can I get rid of it and just make it an icon on the desktop that I can access when I want?
    Big thanks,

  63. REY Says:


  64. lily Says:

    Right now I am with Fairpoint but I want to leave an I bought a magicjack at BestBuy. I tried connecting it to my computer but nothing works. What do I do now?

  65. lyne Says:

    i have magic jack but i dont know how to use.can you teach me how?

  66. leroy kemp, jr Says:

    why does my incoming call automatically go to
    voice mail?

  67. Joyce Says:

    I just purchased the MAGICJACK, I followed the instructions given by Tec. support but I only get a loud buzzing noise, can’t make any call via land line, cordless, or MJ’s softpad. HELP!!!!! It’s 2010, all the bugs are out I’m sure.

  68. graupp Says:

    when I plug in my magic jack all I get is (no serial number passed)..I have tried all usb ports result the what…What is a ac powered usb and what do the cost?

  69. ima Says:

    i am not hearing any tone nothing whats so ever. i cant make calls. i am seeing the numbers i dial on the computer but i dont her any dial tone or any one answering

  70. cash Says:

    magic jack softphone keeps saying there is a problem and needs to close everything i start it. Then it cuts me off in the middle of a conversation. What can I do to fix it?

  71. inocencia olavydez Says:

    l need to renewed my magicjack.its already expired now can l used the same number to renew it pls.asp

  72. mark Says:

    ITS very annoying that the softphone screen comes up again when i hang up the phone, especially when i am typing something and the letter to into the softphone screen.

    Anyway to stop that?


  73. dwayne bills Says:

    can i make a call on my playstation 3

  74. debbie Says:

    how many phones can i use . i have 4 phones in my home will i be able to use all ? example pc is in one one, if majicjack is hooked up to that computer but i am in the bedroon will my phone in the bedroom ring and can i answer it or make calls from it

  75. bill wallace Says:

    I just bought a magicjack and tried to get it going but I keep getting error3,Ive learned that I might have to go through my fire wall Im really new to this and dont know how to do this,its norton antivirus,I just dont know where and how to start……

  76. ricky ibanez Says:

    How we can install majic jack softphone on my laptop screen?

  77. Javaid Says:

    I am a Canadian Citizen working in Middle East. My Magic-Jack was working fine but recently I formatted my hard drive and now I am not able to download Soft phone applet. The Middle Eastern Governments (UAE/Dubai/Saudi) have blocked IP address for Magic-Jack.

    I just wanted to know if someone can email me the software for Soft phone through email so that I could install it on my desktop. Another option could be to place Soft phone software at some different website (some shared public domain) so that users in Middle East could open/download it.

    Thanks in anticipation for the help.

  78. cellphones Says:

    I precisely desired to say thanks again. I am not sure what I could possibly have accomplished without the entire strategies contributed by you regarding such problem. Previously it was a real traumatic matter for me personally, nevertheless being able to see this expert style you handled the issue made me to weep with fulfillment. Now i am grateful for the work and thus sincerely hope you recognize what a great job that you’re accomplishing educating others with the aid of your web site. Most likely you have never got to know all of us.

  79. Robert Maxwell Says:

    My 911 location address is wrong and when

    My 911 address is not correct and when I correct it somehow it goes back to the wrong address again. I can’t figure out how to deleate all of these addreses and install the proper one so that it will stay put. Thanks for your help. Robert

  80. Randall Raymond Says:

    My name is Randall I am looking at a work phone source. I have Hughes Net. I have heard that Magic Jack does not work with Hughes Net. Is this true? If not do I need anything else to make it work properly. Thank You.

  81. Brian Says:

    Is there a key stroke for the Magic Jack softphone screen that will end a call. [ENTER] will begin a call, but I have not been able to find a combination that will end the call.

    Thank you

  82. Raj Says:

    If you wish to end the call through key stroke you can press [ESC] key from the left top corner of the keyboard.

    Take Care!!

  83. FadlAzhar Says:


    At the first phase of my project I also use a free a softphone, because it was only for testing how effective it is. As it turned to be very effective, I decided to implement a more complext softphone for complex text, voice and video phoning to my customers. There are many softphones on the market. Since I increase the capacity, finally, I bought a softphone license, as free softphones were not so reliable as they should be in production. My deciding factors were the support and reliability with high capacity.
    Finally, I chose the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK that is quite flexible enough to develop a softphone (and I also created an autodialer with it). The support team is very responsive and helped me a lot, the right support was critical for me. That is why I purchased this product instead of the others after testing.

    Sample source:

    I hope, my experiences help others…


  84. Vicky Says:

    I love my MJ. Had a traditional landline phone for 33 years. Never was happy with it. Constant cracking and popping on the line. Company even laid new line but that didn’t help. My only complaint is that I was out of MJ service for 1 year of my 5 year service because “it would not work, no dial tone nothing”. On line chat was of no help. I searched the internet and found the fix. It needed new firmware plug the USB cable was bad. Works great now. It was a problem for family to call me since no local numbers were available for me so I go a GV number associated it with MJ. I’m happy and my family that couldn’t afford long distance is happy. Waiting for my MJ plus to arrive.
    Thank you

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