Traveling with your VOIP Phone

Magic Jack is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service that you can take with you when you travel. According to the Magic Jack web site, you need to purchase an additional Magic Jack device for traveling. All you will need is a computer and a broadband or DSL connection. In addition, if you travel outside of the United States, then you may call anywhere in the United States for free if the person you are calling also has a Magic Jack. Perfect for calling home and the cost of the second Magic Jack you’ll need to purchase will be paid back within a couple of calls.

Is your child traveling to Europe this summer? Send a Magic Jack with him/her and save on those expensive international cell phone calls. You won’t have to worry so much, your kid can call home every day (or even more often) because the calls are free.

Do you travel a lot for business? Your boss will appreciate not having to pay for expensive international calls. Since Magic Jack costs only 40 bucks for the first year (because you are also purchasing the device to plug into your computer) and 20 bucks for each year after that, the company will probably reimburse you for the cost of your Magic Jack…truly free long distance calling for you! Make sure you also have a Magic Jack at home, and you can keep in touch as often as you like by using your Magic Jack phone number to call free.

Some hotels may block your access for using Magic Jack. You may want to give them a call (free from your Magic Jack at home, of course!) and find this out before you make your reservations.

Get your Magic Jack today, it’s really easy to order from the Magic Jack web site and within a few days, you’ll be making free long distance calls. This is a product that traditional phone companies need to fear.

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15 Responses to “Traveling with your VOIP Phone”

  1. shaan Says:

    i am trying to find KEY which will block my Magic Jack #. i tried *67 and #31# . both key does not block my #. is there any one who knows.. what # will blcok my identity .. if i call some one who i dont want to have them my #.

  2. Chuck W. Says:

    I don’t believe that ID blocking is a feature that is listed for the Magic Jack.


    I just purchased magic jack and need a travel phone. Does anyone have a suggestinon where to purchase a travel phone to use with magic jack


  4. admin Says:

    Leland, you can use any small portable phone for traveling with your magic jack. Check out places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Radio Shack.


  5. raquel Says:

    I got one on ebay for 13.99 (portable cute phone)

  6. admin Says:

    Yes, ebay is another good place to find an inexpensive phone, also check amazon. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Escardo Says:

    I coulden buy from the us becouse i live in Germany but i dound mine at voip marketing & Sals and they had a nice price on the magicjack to..

  8. chris Says:

    do they use same phone jacks in europe? their phones will plug right in?

  9. francois l Says:

    i dont have internet but i pick up wifi from my building can magicjack work on my laptop

  10. Bob Says:


    Yes, you can use Magic Jack with a wireless connection. That is how I use mine most of the time.

  11. Regan Says:

    is it possible to use magicjack (when calling from another number…ie cellphone) and get free long distance?

  12. Dede Payne Says:

    My brother gave me a Magic Jack he had and doesn’t use anymore, can I use it, or have to get another one, since there is already a phone number assigned to this one?

  13. MJ Says:

    I will be in France for a year and got the Magic Jack to call family back here in the States. Should I set it up here before I go or wait until I am there?

  14. egypt Says:


    […]How to Use When Traveling |Magic Jack VOIP Internet Phone Service[…]…

  15. John Garner Says:

    What kind of adapter will I need to take my Magic Jack from the US to Paris?

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